Every woman has a story, what's yours?

Wisdom of the Body is grounded in achieving balance in women's and children's health. 

Whether it's Craniosacral Therapy or Wisdom Practices, each session is dedicated to the unfolding and awakening of every person.

There is no one like you and I honor your individual process. Having someone by your side committed to your healing process creates the space for profound release, healing, and growth.

Our Services

Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch approach to balancing the nervous system from the inside-out.  This therapy is non-invasive and aims to balance the craniosacral system and release compressions and energy cysts throughout the body.  This work is great for everyone; from adults to newborns.  Read More..

Wisdom Practices


Wisdom Practices are always evolving and growing.  Whether it is holding Circle, guiding groups on mindfulness, moon cycles and Women's Divine role - this is an ever growing practice where even the guide is moved by the experience.




SINCE 2007

"My baby is so much happier today!!! I feel peaceful and connected with my girl, and she's reciprocating the calm energy. My newborn and I were fortunate today to have Alison Ferrera work on us today, and I'm in awe of the shift I've seen in my baby. She just seems to fit better now. She's fussed considerably less. Spent more time alert and observant. Exchanged many more moments of cooing and smiles and adoring gazes with us. This is a far cry from the previous weeks of her life, filled with bouncing, shushing, long walks outside, and general attempts to pacify an uncomfortable crying baby. Today was a great day. Alison, you are an incredibly bright shining star"



- Postpartum Mama, (Postpartum Energywork./ Bodywork and Newborn CranioSacral Therapy Receivers)

"My experience with Alison transcends words. She has such a warm, genuine, and inviting energy - it immediately calmed me and allowed me to make the most of her work. She provided so much insight and clarity into my body and my thoughts. It's was hugely transformative and incredibly empowering. I will absolutely continue to see her - she is a gifted and loving healer. I am so grateful our paths met."

- Debbie Rodriguez, Reiki Receiver


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