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Spiraling Inward:
Exploration & Preparation for Birth + Beyond

Traditionally pregnant women have been supported by other women in the community and over time, sharing knowledge, truths, and providing emotional support.  The modern medicine system only gives small portions of this. Mostly leaving out the spiritual and emotional support needed to have a woman grow into being a mother. The Spiraling Inward Birth Series fills in the blanks to the wealth of knowledge that is a available.

The goal is that Every woman find her own truths and her own answers. When she's given the full range of knowledge, taking what works and releasing what doesn't - most of the time women have the answers inside of themselves the whole time. This course will support you in confirming what you already know you need and giving you that last bit of information to help you solve the questions that are in your mind and heart.

This A La Carte Birth Series is designed to fit your lifestyle. We offer new valuable topics each month and each ticket is priced to include both the mother and partner (or birth support).

May 26, 2017
Mindfulness in Pregnancy:
What your care provider won’t tell you & not just the crunchy stuff, we promise!

This class plants the seed for practical skills and techniques for pain coping in pregnancy and birth. We will explore our beliefs around birth and identify how you know what is right for you. In addition, we will explore managing anxiety, intuitive eating, optimal fetal position; among many more treasures.

July 28, 2017 Mothers and Partners Please
Navigating the Hospital: What they don’t tell you in the hospital birth class/ tour

We often hear, ‘We didn’t know we had a choice…’. This all too common reality stems from the lack of clarity around hospital procedures and protocols. This class will guide you to know your rights as a patient and understand what procedures are optional. You will learn what happens from the moment you walk in- to the moment you leave. Best of all, you will get the tools you need to navigate challenging situations and the unexpected.

June 30, 2017 Mothers and Partners Please
Pain Coping Skills: Not just for moms!

We always think only the birthing mother has to learn pain coping techniques - we’re here to tell you, even the partner needs these skills. This is one of our most sought after classes that focuses on several practical, experiential techniques for pain coping. Partners will have tools to support mother through exploration of birth positions, counter-pressure techniques for relief, and a deeper understanding of the hormones at play in birth. We will also explore the use of epidurals and other pain relief options.

Aug. 25, 2017 Mothers and Partners Please
The Unexpected Road: What happens when sh*t hits the fan (AKA The class to ask all of your concerns)

Sometimes we push our fears and concerns aside and hope for the best. Other times we let them overwhelm us and control our daily living. The tools provided will give you access and information to help you feel inspired, empowered and aware. This will include how to deal with the unexpected and how to act in the moment when you just don’t know what to do. We will not only discuss the tough stuff, but the embarrassing, weird and humorous as well.

Sept. 29, 2017 Mothers and Partners Please
Infant Care & the Postpartum Time:
Now What??!!!

When we finally get to moment we’ve been waiting for, holding our child, we often don’t know what to do next. This class will offer the information needed to care for yourself and your baby in the first few weeks. We will discuss how parenthood shifts your romantic relationship, how to identify postpartum depression and anxiety and get real words, from a new dad.

Who are these classes for? Yes, we’re talking to you!

- First time parents
- VBAC Families
- Second time (or more) Parents looking for a different birth

  experience & to connect with THIS pregnancy and baby
- Women choosing to birth in the hospital, birth center, or

- Families choosing a cesarean birth
- Parents who want to connect deeply to the birth process
- Parents looking to transition into postpartum birth land

  with ease and knowledge
- Families wanting to understand what postpartum care

  really means
- Families who are questioning where and how to birth

How is this birth class different?

- Incorporates tangible pain coping techniques and skills
- Builds confidence
- Is not goal oriented. It is about you finding your own birth
- Education is shared without judgement, for families to
  explore all possibilities in a safe space and process
  thoughts and emotions
- Families get to be supported from an early stage in
- An a la carte menu to fit your life
- We offer 13 years combined birthwork, experience, and

"The mentors were knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough.  I found the information to be practical and approachable. Loved the ice demonstrations and found them to be accurate analogy to pain coping."

-Mother of two

"The mentors (Sara & Alison) provided us with great information and life examples based on their own preparations and experiences.  Their dedication is amazing"  

- Past Birth Class Attendee

"He (my husband) really loved the classes and all the info. It has reinforced our decision to go for an unmedicated labor with minimal intervention"

- Mother

"It brought us together and we feel more comfortable about speaking to others"

- Couple from Class

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