Hiking Boots & High Heels: Fierce and Soft Through Craniosacral Therapy

About a month ago I looked in my closet and started laughing! Who was the person, that I'm living with, that I'm being, that has hiking boots and high heels??!!.. who has sandals and bare feet, and a hiking pack. These two extremes of the feminine - the fierce, dirty, Earth Woman and the one you can take to a fancy restaurant, and may or may not be well behaved.

When I was in my early 20s, I would have readings or do past-life regressions with an elder in our community, a woman in her 80s. She always used to throw out these comments of how I, Ali, still did not know the feminine. She would explain how I still have so much to learn about embodying it. I thought 'How is that possible? I'm a woman!.. I'm strong, I'm fierce. You can drop me out of a plane over Africa and I would survive!'

There was this whole other world of femininity that I did not comprehend at the time. This Soft Feminine woman who could alter the state of a room simply by walking in. The grace and softness that comes from a woman willing to receive and listen and be heard without being in a state of confrontation. This Soft Feminine who can create enormous change and motivation with the kindness of her tone.

In all truth, I thought it was not valuable. To be soft meant to be walked all over, to not be heard, and to be taken advantage of. That was not who I was and that was never going to be me. Over the years I have received Craniosacral Therapy and watched the stories stored in my body about who I thought myself to be. I found many moments in my life where I thought I was being strong; were in fact, moments when I was hardening my edges. 'I had to be strong, I had no choice. This is what it meant to survive in this world as a woman.' Yet, here I am now and I see how I created these moments that defined me, but also limited my ability to be soft, to receive, to move in grace and ease.

Still to this day I am becoming more and more of the Soft Feminine that I did not even know was possible. I'm finding that the more I connect with this softer version of femininity, I can create almost anything I want for my life. I no longer Will things into existence by force. I ask, I create, I receive. It has become so simple sometimes, and yet, I have to look inward to do the work needed. For me this avenue is my work in Craniosacral Therapy.

I find that often when I work with people by providing Craniosacral Therapy, I get to watch them unfold their story and their definition of who they are, simply because they get to be with themselves and feel what it is to live in their body. They get to feel and see what they are holding in their heart, how their immune system is integrating with ease or effort, and how pain gets to be released from their body. All of this is their discovery, I simply get to dance the line of being neutral.

So if you find that you are deepening your understanding of who you are and where you want to be in life - beyond the stress of every day..Then, know your duality and how you can dance between hiking boots and high heels. I get to support you while you walk your path. All you need to do is come in.

Today when I woke up this morning and saw my boots and my hiking pack on the floor, and I put on my 50s style sundress, my heart was warmed in gratitude that I can be both women and still be One woman. I get to be me, more fully, each and every day...and you can do the same. Fierce and Soft.


To understand more about how Craniosacral Therapy can make a difference in your life - See www.wisdomofthebody.org/craniosacraltherapy

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To read a recent article about how Craniosacral Therapy improves pregancy, birth, and postpartum - See https://www.massagemag.com/craniosacral-therapy-for-pregnancy-88678/

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