The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone

There are so many ways to frame the work that I do, but today I want to begin by shifting the awareness to supporting The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone. Whether it's through education or Craniosacral Therapy, exploring these archetypes can help us better understand ourselves, our needs, and our shadows.


She's young, stunning, inspired, ripe in her sexuality, and just beginning to explore who she thinks herself to be. The Maiden lives in a world where she is already free-thinking and independent. It is not until she hits her obstacles that she begins to find her true strength and desires. She explores what 'normal' is and the established and expected order of life events; and dissects what is true for her and what she can release back into the world. From the tumultuous ups and downs she finds herself to be emotional and easily knocked around by life. This is often when the internal answers and creativity are not fully flowing. She is full of feeling in her body and her shadow work is often around her confidence and self worth. Her strength is her emotions and intense feelings within her body. They are her guide to what is right and true for herself.


We quickly identify The Mother as a woman with child. The Mother is also a woman who has lost her children. Whether due to abortion or miscarriage, these women have begun the walk of The Mother and have suffered a great loss. I also want to include here, women on the path of fertility - living The Huntress life to find a way to bring their children into physical form.

The Mother has gone through a significant rite of passage. There is no mistaking the saying, 'The Death of the Maiden, the Birth of the Mother'. To become a mother, one must surrender and allow a death of self to occur - bringing about the birth of a new woman. This new woman, The Mother, redefines for herself what is Beauty, Courage, Power, Creativity, Connection to Self and Spirit; just to name a few. She sits in the duality of caring for others and learning to care for herself. Self-care is the first thing to go for The Mother. Always putting herself after her children, The Mother can easily burnout and begin to feel how stress and tension overwhelm her body and her life! Her shadow work is greatly tied to why she does not do more for herself, how she reacts when overwhelmed, and breaking ancestral ties for herself and her children.


Most of The Crones I know cringe at term Crone. A word used to describe an older woman past child bearing age. The truth is, The Crone is a Queen. She carries with her the time and wisdom that neither The Maiden nor The Mother can embody. Each and every silver hair on her head is a story, a legacy, a truth that was bestowed upon her. The Crone speaks her mind and isn't afraid to tell you her version of the story, for she seeks approval from no one. With this said, The Crone can also watch The Maiden and Mother and provide gentle guidance while feeling their pain or discomfort. The Crone can observe how her story has shaped her daughters. This includes what she would like to correct from her past, so that her daughters evolve beyond her own experience. There is something very magical about the way The Crone embodies the understanding of the interconnection of all things. I will not even begin to pretend that I have experience with the shadow work of The Crone, being that I am not yet her. I have been witness to the shadow work that includes guilt, fear and doubt related to the past - but I find this is part of The Crone coming into her own.

These beautiful women, the three archetypes I want to play with, may not fit every woman or situation but it is an interesting framework to explore. Each and every one of these women intermingle in their shadow work and all have something to learn from each other. This is part of the Wisdom Practice I want to support through education, Circle, and Craniosacral Therapy.

So who are you living in today and what shadow work are you willing to explore?

(Image Above from Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards)

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