The Moment I Stopped Hiding

I’ve spent most of my life hiding who I really am. That’s not to say I’ve lied about who I am or that who I’ve shown up to be is not my authentic self. It is that I have only shared the golden gems with a few.

I often get asked how I chose to focus on healing the bodies of women and children and what led me on this path. I always knew I was meant to do something that allowed me to be in full expression of Source/ Spirit. After years of coming deeper into my own- trusting myself- I began to share fully who I am. If you met me in my early 20’s, chances are you didn’t know the gifts under the surface.

Around the same time that my brother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I was completely through living a life in which I couldn’t show up fully. In the architecture office I worked in for seven years, I was known lovingly and almost jokingly as ‘The Witch Doctor’. Even then, only half of the staff knew my deeper work and true nature.

Since the time I was born – yes seriously, my earliest memory of this is when I was one year old – I have seen and heard angels, spirits, and ancestors. I’ve talked to my guides, felt the pressure in a room change when there was bad ‘juju’, been able to predict the future unexpectedly and so much more.

As my true nature amplified and changed, I could no longer hide it in a classy way. Tact was not my friend and I found myself blurting out information before I even knew where it was coming from. I began developing ways of changing energy, space, and bodies with my hands and my voice. So I had to throw in the towel after much back and forth and quit my job. This meant finding work that was in alignment with my soul and I began listening for my people, my tribe.

The women’s work I do is not always about being able to hear and feel spirits and all the other weird and fascinating things I have developed – but it is a huge part of who I am. It is my form of full expression and I have found ways to turn it on and off as needed. What matters most is that I’ve found my way of being in service and living my life in the most authentic way I know how.

The experience of coming into your gifts is a little different for everyone. You may get funny faces when you share fully. You may predict the future and get in trouble for it as a child. Often when we speak up as a child, our family is not supportive or there is name calling; whether aggressive or cynical. Then we become scared to be ignored, told we’re crazy, or find we’re simply written off because it’s not in alignment with the family religion.

I’m putting out The Call. More and more, on a daily basis I have people coming to me who are just beginning to acknowledge their gifts, who are just beginning to speak up, who are just beginning to ask for support when what they feel, hear, and see is more than they know how to handle. The truth is everyone has these abilities, it’s part of our Birthright – but The Call is to come together, to know one another and find support and love for who you are becoming - To replace fear and doubt with wonder, excitement, and gratitude.

So what does it look like for you to be in full expression and living your own personal truth?

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