Which Stories Do You Have Documented in your Body? Craniosacral Therapy as a Page Turner

I am often met with a perplexed facial expression or a look of pure astonishment when I say I'm a Craniosacral Therapist. 'What on Earth is That?!' 'How do you even spell that?' By now I look forward to the funny faces and questions because what is to follow will completely blow their minds and expand what they think is possible.

For me, the shortest explanation is that Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch approach to balancing the body. It works with the subtleties of the body to create lasting change by balancing cerebrospinal fluid, releasing compressions in the connective tissue and cranial bones, regulates the nervous system, and gives the opportunity to access stories and memories being held in the body. While this may sound broad, once a client rests on the table, the work can take a precise form. With Craniosacral Therapy I am listening for what is the priority on the given day, from a place of complete neutrality, and treating what I find. As one of my instructors puts it, I am 'bowing at the altar of the client's Inner Physician'. In other words, I am trusting completely the person's deep inner knowing that resides inside of them, that knows exactly what is needed and in which order to bringing about balance and release (even if the person cannot vocalize it).

Many people come with specific goals or conditions, others come in for personal growth. Each session being different, clients get access to new information about their body, their heart space and emotions, and sometimes the answers to questions they have been asking themselves.

I have a personal deep-seeded belief that the body is a book. Each body is a collection of stories filled with joy, sadness, loss, love, gratitude, etc. When we begin to connect with various areas like the spine, the pelvic diaphragm, heart space, cranial bones - even specific organs and aspects of the immune system, we begin to create the space for the body to show its truth and release old patterns. The body holds moments in time, physical or emotional traumas, foreign energies, or moments when we made decisions about who we are, as encapsulated 'energy cysts' that can be found in the body and released.

For example, I work with many newborns just after birth. Babies with challenging entries into the world or time in the NICU, gain great benefits from receiving Craniosacral Therapy. They get to release aspects of their birth from their connective tissue and organs. Parents find the baby sleeps better, is more aware and present, their digestions shifts and their neck and torso balance so that nursing is easier. All of this mainly from getting present with what the baby encountered during their birth. It can be quite a profound experience to observe.

On a deeper and sometimes more mystical level, some people experience Craniosacral Therapy and have visions, memories, emotions, and sensory experiences that are hard to put into words. One person voiced that they felt like they were floating and I was moving them in fluid motion. Another person saw the image of family members they haven't seen in some time and realized it was time to connect. There is no end to what is possible in these sessions. It is a completely individual experience.

So want to know more? Or feel like you need a 'reason' to come in? Check out this list of a few indications that Craniosacral Therapy may be right for you:

Migraine & Headaches For Children:

Chronic Neck and Back Pain Autism Spectrum

Stress & Tension Related Disorders Colic

Feelings of Instability Improper Latch or Side Preference

Sensory Processing Disorders Reflex & Digestive Issues

Digestive Concerns Seizures

Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries Hydrocephalus

Chronic Fatigue Birth Trauma

TMJ Syndrome Torticollis & Plagiocephaly

Sleep Disorders Hyperactivity

Scoliosis ADD / ADHD

Impaired Immune System Chronic Ear Infections

Seizures Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia

PTSD Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Fibromyalgia ... and so much more

So if you could look into the hidden corners of your memories and your body, what do you think you would find first? Which page would be the priority to visit this week?

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