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Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy is a must for all mothers.  We spend so much time growing and changing to support the life growing in us- but need to care for ourselves as well. Craniosacral Therapy supports mothers in getting relief from normal pregnancy discomforts as well as supporting baby in optimal fetal position.

Sometimes we physically feel great, but our thoughts and emotions are overrun with concerns and care for others.  Craniosacral Therapy always supports mothers in feeling grounded and balanced emotionally.  This is the time to care for yourself and be open to breaking old thought patterns and live into new possibilities.

Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy

Breech Baby Balancing/Supportive Turning

One of the most unnerving things to hear when you are pregnant is that your baby is breech.  The good news is that this is my specialty.  By combining Craniosacral Therapy, body adjustment techniques and a full overview of how your body is holding tension - your baby will turn quickly.  Your program will be designed based on your needs and how things are presenting in your body.  Please bring any homeopathics that your doctor or midwife has suggested you take as well.


"Having 2 babies really did a number on how my body felt. I can tell you how important it is pre and post natal care is for your body! It goes through so many changes and to help you feel like "you" again is so important. I highly recommend Alison. If your pregnant or had your baby GO SEE HER!"

Postpartum Craniosacral Therapy

Postpartum Craniosacral Therapy is very close to my heart.  Birth takes us so far out beyond our body.  The life force that comes through to birth a child leaves a woman open to all the elements of the world.  Postpartum Craniosacral not only helps provide support and balance of hormones, but also brings a woman back to herself, her body, and her edges.  It is highly important to focus not only on balancing the womb after birth, but also to support the hips in closing and finding the new normal.  This work is rich and deep.  During this time a mother has a moment to reflect and own her experience, while feeling renewed and humbled.

All postpartum bodywork is done in the office and you have the option of having baby with you on the table or having someone watch baby in the office.  Postpartum, is just that, unpredictable, emotional, and beautiful.  Every session follows a natural flow that supports both you and your newborn.

It is especially important to note that not all births are easy.  Some are long, strenuous, surprising, and unnerving.  With experience in working with Postpartum Depression, please feel free to be authentic.  This is the work I do.  This is where my heart lies, giving support and holding space so you may re-journey as necessary to release, shift, and reorganize your thoughts.   It is your time to feel fully all that is there, the light and the dark.


Supporting the postpartum journey, I offer Craniosacral Therapy for newborns in conjunction with either postpartum massage or postpartum Craniosacral Therapy.  Craniosacral Therapy has been found to assist babies in healing their journey through the birth canal, balances the digestive system and related GERD issues, improves improper latching,  improves sleep and general well being for your baby.  This therapy is highly recommended for newborns with traumatic births or assisted births by forcepts or vacuums.

"Alison's hands are magic. She is a true healer in every sense of the word. She has done Craniosacral on my son whose benefits were immediately noticeable.

Personally, I highly recommend Alison for  craniosacral. And I know many people highly recommend her for her other services as well.

She is a beautiful soul doing incredible work!"

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