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The Wisdom Practices I share vary constantly.  Supporting women through several stages in life is what I love most.  From Maiden to Mother, Fertility to Birth, Postpartum, Trauma-Related Release Bodywork Sessions, and Grief Processing. All the work is based on Wise Woman Practices and the understanding of labyrinths and spirals in life and nature.  The duality in life is one that must be acknowledged because we are never light without the dark.  Our thoughts and perceptions are always rising and falling within us at all times.

My role in this work is to bare witness and hold the mirror - showing you that you are in fact doing 'your work' and offering a safe place for you to process it all.

Wisdom Practices

Women's Circle

Grounding Training

Birth Trauma
Story Medicine


Somatic Grief Processing

Divine Feminine Education

Postpartum Support
& Processing


Moon Time Support

Wise Woman Practices


Inner Wisdom /
Body Awareness



Birth Education


"I love my time with Alison! It's a sacred time that makes me feel whole again!"

"Alison is AWESOME! She really listens to me and my body. She makes you feel comfortable and safe in her space. I really needed someone I could be comfortable with and connect with and not just another appointment on the schedule. I highly recommend Alison!"

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